System Engineer

The Engineering department is responsible for the development of our products in collaboration with our software development team.
The team is responsible for the perfect design of new products, seamless execution of upgrades, documentation and installation procedures.
The projects and activities within the Engineering department are mainly driven by product management.
As the requirements of our products are of a very high level, requirements for the personnel are similar. Therefore he or she needs outstanding technical skills, understanding of systems used in the context of hosting providers and data centers as well as good communication skills.


  • Develop new products in collaboration with the software developers.
  • Compile, build and deploy custom-made integrated operating systems and environments.
  • Test new products before handing them over to operations
  • Test installation procedures.
  • Provide installation manuals for all products and upgrades.
  • Writes user documentation matching the provided solution.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer science or equivalence by experience.
  • Up to 3 years experience in systems engineering relevant to the described job.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux, familiarity with different distros is a plus.
  • Understanding of virtualization technologies (Xen, VMWare,...), storage (NAS, SAN) and networking technologies (VLAN, L2 and L3 protocols, Firewalling, VPN, Monitoring...).
  • Profound understanding of internet technology (HTTP, FTP, SMTP,...).
  • Experience with scripting: python, bash.
  • Team player.
  • Knowledge of English (required).