Our Values

  • Integrity, What we say is what we do.
  • Open Culture, Respect and accept everyone.
  • Flexibility, The ability to adapt with the constant and quick changes.
  • Development, Investing in people is our most rewarding investment.
  • Ownership, What we promise is what we deliver.
  • Home, A comfortable and fun environment where you can be yourself.

The Team

The most valuable investment is one made in people, hence we are always working on the growth of our staff personally and technically. Creating a healthy work environment where everyone can be themselves and speak their minds freely, was a big challenge. Nevertheless we managed to create it with the cooperation of our amazing team, an integrated group of people with diverse backgrounds and skills.


We are currently working with THREEFOLD to build an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure. This removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems, where independent people can connect Nodes (powered by our decentralized stateless and lightweight OS) to the ThreeFold Grid anywhere electricity and network is present. And Together, they form a globally decentralized, distributed and green Internet infrastructure.